Project Management - What are function points?

What are function points?

-FPA is a process to break system into discrete pieces and analyze them. Software application is a combination of elementary process. FPA is the way to identify elementary processes and analyze them.

There are two types of elementary process – dynamic and static elementary process.

What are function points?

- In order to express the amount of business functionality of an information system, a function point is used as a unit of measurement.

- There is International Function Point Users Group in US based organization of users of the software metric Function Point Analysis

- Every function point is a unit of measure used by IFPUG functional size measurement method.

- The IFPUG FSM is one of the currently recognized standards of ISO for functionally sizing software.

What are the different elements in Functions points?

The elements in functions points are:

- External Inputs: It is an elementary process which allows the data to cross the boundary from outside to inside.

- External Outputs: A elementary process which allows the data passes across the boundary from inside to outside.

- External Inquiry: It is an elementary process which has both input and output components which results data retrieval from one or more internal logical files and external interface files.

- Internal Logical Files: An identifiable group of logically related data that resides entirely within the applications boundary and is maintained through external inputs.

- External Interface Files: An identifiable group of logically related data that is used only for reference purpose. The data is completely persisted outside the application and is maintained by another application.
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