What is the purpose of a Public Relations person?

What is the purpose of a Public Relations person?

Answer 1 - A Public Relations person is a consultant who would guide you in planning and strategizing your communication in for your audience, competitors, clients and public at large.

In other words a Public Relations person would understand your business as well as your market and with his expertise help you plan and execute this very plan to build and establish your brand as a credible one in the eyes of the media and the general public (customer) on a whole.

For example: When a layman or for that matter a customer of a particular product or brand comes across an advertisement in the newspaper knows that its paid for and hence might not find it very credible but on the other hand when he reads an article placed by means of Public Relations he will believe in it more and hence find it more credible.

Answer 2 - The purposes of a Public Relations person are as follows:

- To enhance the reputation of a company
- Also known as “Reputation Protectors” and “Image Creators”
- Turnaround the company into crisis to a normal situation
- To create product awareness
- To enhance brand awareness and brand recall
- Creating impressive press releases about the product re-launch, events, exhibition, new product introduction etc.
Qualities expected in a PR person
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Role, nature and responsibilities of a PR
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