RMI: Data transfer in RMI model

Discuss data transfer in RMI model.

- Data in a file can be transferred by using the method getFileContents(filename) in the remote interface.
- RMI supports to transfer data that is available in JDOM data objects.

What is object serialization in RMI?

- To marshal and unmarshall the parameters involves the object serialization and does not truncate types.

- The methods of local object and their bytecodes are not passed directly in the ObjectOutputStream. At times the name of the class of the objects may be needed that is to be loaded by the receiver if at all the class is not available locally. Just like the names of the classes, the class files themselves will not be serialized. All classes must load during the process of deserialization using the normal mechanisms of class loading.

What is RMI callback mechanism?

When one service passes an object which is the proxy for another service, the RMI callback mechanism occurs. The methods will be invoked by the recipient in the object it received and be calling back to the calling point. The stub contains the information that is needed to call back to server at the time of the need.
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