RMI registry and OSAgent - Explain the diffference between RMI registry and OSAgent.

Explain the diffference between RMI registry and OSAgent.

- RMI registry is the binder for Java RMI.
- An instance of RMI registry must run on every server computer that hosts remote objects.
- It maintains table mapping textual, URL style names to refer remote objects hosted on that computer.
- Naming class provides methods for RMI registry :
rebind(String name, Remote object)
bind(String name, Remote object)
unbind(String name, Remote object)
- The OSagent is a process that allows CORBA servers to register their objects and assists client applications in the location of objects.
- The OSagent is designed to be operated on more than one node.This is done to avoid a single point of failure.
- The OSagent processes follow a set of rules to discover each other and cooperate in the location of registered objects.
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