When do we use delegates in your remoting applications? - .Net Remoting

When do we use delegates in remoting applications?

- You use delegates to implement callback functions, event programming, and asynchronous programming in your remoting applications.

- Events use delegates to enable callback functions to the client in remoting applications.

- It improves application performance and responsiveness.

- It provides a chunk of code to run when scanf() actually finds data available on stdin.

- You can avoid performance bottlenecks and enhances the overall responsiveness of your application by using asynchronous programming.

- Delegates are kind of similar to the function pointers. But they are secure and type-safe.

- A delegate instance encapsulates a static or an instance method.

- Declaring a delegate defines a reference type which can be used to encapsulate a method having a specific signature.

- Delegate is a type which holds a reference to a method.
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