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Tips to write a resignation letter.

Have you decided to leave the present job and join a new company? Reasons can be numerous but what comes necessary at this stage is writing a resignation letter and informing your present company about your decision to leave. Writing a resignation letter is also an art so that you don't burn your ties with the present company. The resignation letter is going to be your last document to the company so try to keep it sweet and simple.
  • Address the letter to your boss.
  • Keep the subject of the letter straight forward. The best one would be Resignation Letter.
  • Thank your boss for the opportunity to work in the company and making you a part of his team.
  • Inform him about your decision to move ahead in your life, giving a convincing reason.
  • Give a sufficient notice, if possible.
  • End with a professional note and ask him to let you know if there's anything important that he wants you to finish before leaving.
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