Ruby - Describe class libraries in Ruby

Describe class libraries in Ruby.

Ruby class libraries comprise of variety of domains, such as thread programming, data types, various domains. It has additional libraries evolving day by day. The following are the domains which has relevant class libraries.

Text processing - File, String, Regexp for quick and clean text processing.

CGI Programming - There are supporting class library for CGI programming support like, data base interface, eRuby, mod_ruby for Apache, text processing classes.

Network programming – Various well-designed sockets are available in ruby for network programming.

GUI programming – Ruby/Tk and Ruby/Gtk are the classes for GUI programming

XML programming – UTF-8 text processing regular expression engine make XML programming very handy in ruby.

Describe class libraries in Ruby.

- The Ruby standard library extends the foundation of the Ruby built-in library with classes and abstractions for a variety of programming needs, including network programming, operating system services, threads, and more.
- These classes provide flexible capabilities at a high level of abstraction, giving you the ability to create powerful Ruby scripts useful in a variety of problem domains.
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