XML Schemas in SQL Server 2005


XML Schemas in SQL Server 2005

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Syntax and example for creating and dropping XML schema collection.

CREATE XML SCHEMA COLLECTION [ <relational_schema>. ]sql_identifier AS Expression............
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Limitations of the XML Schema collections.

SQL Server limits identifiers of schema components to a maximum length of 1000 Unicode characters. Also, surrogate character pairs within identifiers are not supported...............
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Discuss about XML schema collection permission.

GRANT permission [ ,...n ] ON - Specifies a permission that can be granted on an XML schema collection...........
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Describe the XML support SQL server extends.

SQL server can return XML document using FOR XML clause. XML documents can be added to SQL Server database................

SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

What is SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS)?
What are the new features with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS)?
What are SQL Server Analysis Services cubes?
Explain the purpose of synchronization feature provided in Analysis Services 2005.
Explain the new features of SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS)...........

How do you load data from XML file to a ORACLE table?

Answer - You need to first create a table in oracle that matches with the fields of the XML data...............

What are XML indexes and secondary XML indexes?

Answer - The primary XML index is a B+tree and is useful because the optimizer creates a plan for the entire query. ..............

What is the purpose of FOR XML in SQL Server?

Answer - SQL Server 2000 provides the facility to retrieve data in the form of XML with the help of the FOR XML clause appended to the end of a SELECT statement. ..............

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