What are the Authentication Modes in SQL Server?

What are the Authentication Modes in SQL Server?

a. Windows Authentication Mode (Windows Authentication): uses user’s Windows account

b. Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication): uses either windows or SQL server

What are the Authentication Modes in SQL Server?

SQL Server supports two security (authentication) modes:

Windows Authentication and Mixed mode

Windows Authentication mode connects to an instance of SQL Server through a Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 user account.

Mixed mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication) connect to an instance of SQL Server by using either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.

Users who connect through a Windows NT or 2000 user account can make use of trusted connections in either Windows Authentication mode or mixed mode.

Explain the Authentication modes of SQL Server - Windows Authentication and Mixed Mode Authentication

Windows authentication mode allows users to connect using Windows domain like NT/2000 account. The access to the SQL server is controlled by Windows NT/2000 account or group used when logged in. this means that Windows username and password are used to access the database server.

Mixed mode authentication: - Mixed mode allows use of Windows credentials and the local SQL server account.

Describe in brief authentication modes in SQL server.

Authentication modes in SQL Server:

Windows: Allows user to authenticate based on the MS Windows account credentials.

Mixed Mode: Allows users to connect either through Windows authentication or an SQL Server authentication mode. Administrator might maintain user accounts in SQL Server.
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