Transact SQL - DDL,DCL,DML

What is transact-SQL? Describe its types?

Types of Transact-SQL
SQL Server Provides three types of Transact-SQL statements namely DDL, DCL, and DML.

Data Definition Language (DDL)
It allows creating, altering and dropping database objects.

Data Control Language (DCL)
It is used to control access to data in the database.
It controls permission on the database objects using grant, revoke or deny statement.

Data Manipulation Language (DML)
It involves retrieval, insertion, deletion, modification in the database.
It includes select, insert, update, and delete command.

What is transact-SQL? Describe its types?

T-SQL is used by any application trying to access/use SQL Server. All applications thus interact with an SQL Server instance using T-SQL statements.

Types of T-SQL:
- Data types
- User defined temporary objects
- Specialized functions global variables
- System and extended procedures
- Cursors
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