Explain Full-Text Query in SQL Server

Explain Full-Text Query in SQL Server

Full-Text Query search allows to search for the entire text instead of using “%” . it is most commonly used to search for text whose data type is TEXT or NOTE. Some predicates like FREETEXT, CONTAINS are used in full text query search.

FREETEXT finds the word or words you give it anywhere in the search column.


SELECT Apparel FROM Products WHERE FREETEXT (Apparel, 'Van' )

The query above will return results like
Best Van Huesen trousers

Explain Full-Text Query in SQL Server.

SQL Server supports searches on character string columns using Full-Text Query. This query uses full-text catalogs and indexes to perform activities which are managed by the Microsoft search service. The full-text catalogs and indexes are not stored in a SQL Server database and they can't be backed up and restored by using the Transact-SQL BACKUP and RESTORE statements. The full-text catalogs must be resynchronized separately after a recovery or restore operation.
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