How servlets differ from RMI

Explain how servlets differ from RMI. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.

- RMI (Remote Method Invocation) are a means of client server communication.

- In this, the client invokes a method on the server machine and the server machine process returns the result back to the client. We need to run RMI registry to use RMI.

- Servlets are used to extend the server side functionality of a website.

- They communicate with various application on the server side and respond to the request made by the client.

- Servlets are modules that run within the server and receive and respond to the requests made by the client.

- Servlets retrieve most of the parameters using the input stream and send their responses using an output stream.
Servlet servlet mapping - Define servlet mapping.
Servlet servlet mapping - Servlet mapping controls how you access a servlet. It is recommended that you don’t use absolute URLs. Instead usage of relative URLs should be done...
What is Java Servlet?
A servlet is a java class / a program that is a server side component and runs in web container.....
Explain the life cycle of Servlet, i.e. Instantiation, Initialization, Service, Destroy, Unavailable
The life cycle is managed by the Servlet container in which the servlet is deployed...
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