Time Management tips and guidelines

Time Management


The most common excuse that people give for not accomplishing a task is lack of time. Have you ever pondered, how do people busier than me do their tasks? Do they have more than 24 hours in their day? Or do they have an extra pair of hands? If not, what is it that sets them different from me? How do they manage their time to maximize their productivity?

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Time management is the most commonly talked about topic in almost every field. Individuals have too many high priority tasks. However the only issue is that how well can they manage the time or distribute the time to finish them. This problem is faced by almost everyone, be it the CEO of a company or an employee. The most important factor of time management is as to how effectively be the time utilized.

Points to remember:
  • Always high priority tasks must be completed first.
  • Ambience of the place matters a lot.
  • Each task must be reasonably allotted the time.
  • The key to an effective time management is to know your goals properly.
  • Time management skills don’t come overnight. It is developed with practice.
  • Delegating a task leads to a better time management.
  • The managed tasks must be monitored to ensure they aren’t exceeding the time frame.
  • Make use of available resources. You may be spending time on getting some information already available or known to someone else.

Why manage time?

  • Increases efficiency
  • Reduces anxiety and work pressure.
  • Motivates people and introduces confidence
  • Leads to a better estimation of tasks.
Time management is to ensure that the end product is delivered in time and has quality, productive and efficient.

How to manage time?

  • Make the plan well in advance.
  • Prioritize the important tasks.
  • Have an awareness of the tasks.
  • Create a schedule of managing time that is flexible. This is important to ensure that changes in time can be accommodated
  • Make decisions instantly
  • Monitor the time management schedule.
  • The schedule should not be on a very broad perspective. Its must consider managing time on a daily basis.
  • Activity logs are the most common way to manage time. These logs give details of all activities performed.
  • Always keep alternatives ready.
  • Work as a team and support colleagues
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