Presentation skills

Presentation Skills


Do you remember the first presentation you made? Probably those were the college days and as you stood in front of the whole group, you could hear your heart pounding, palms sweating, legs trembling and voice shaking. Over the time you developed your presentational skills by observing others, reading books and most of all from your own experience.

What does it take to make a good presentation?
  • Personal qualities
  • Subject knowledge
  • Knowledge of software like Power Point
You can categorize your comments under the above headings and tell us, what you did you do to improve your presentational skills? If there’s anything more that you think is worth adding, please do include in your comments.

Presentation skill is a way in which an idea or scope needs to be discussed. A good presentation creates a good impression.

Points to remember:
  • Make Use visual slides as much as possible. Use of diagrams, charts is essential.
  • Avoid too many clicks. It may confuse the user.
  • Make use of facts and figures.
  • Avoid the presentation to be very flashy or visually uncomfortable.
  • Structure ideas of a presentation in a standardized way.
  • Make sure the look and feel of the presentation is consistent.
  • Try to know the audience with the help of presentation. It may reduce the discomfort.
  • Avoid an abrupt end to the presentation.

Why presentation skills?

  • Good presentation skills can drive the organization ahead by creating a positive impression
  • It can express ideas more clearly without having them misunderstood.
  • Use of colors and a professional look and feel catches the attention of the audience
  • Use of visual aids helps in understanding concepts faster.
Although knowledge is very important while delivering on certain topics, presentation adds positive impact to it. No matter how comfortable you are with the topic, you must practice and fine tune knowledge in order to be best. Proper beginning and a logical conclusion is very important elements of presentation skill. While presenting, you need to keep motivating people to participate in order to make interactive session. Too formal presentation looks like lecture.
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