Core container module and Application context module

What are the Core container module and Application context module?

Core Container Module :

- This module is the fundamental module of spring framework. For a spring-based application, BeanFactory is the core. The Spring framework was developed on top of this module. Spring container is made by this module.

Application Context Module :

- Spring is called a framework because of this module. The concept of BeanFactory is used to extend this module to provide support for internationalization (I18N) messages etc. Enterprise services such as JNDI,EJB integration, remoting and scheduling are supplied by this module.

What are the Core container module and Application context module?

- This module provides the fundamental functionality of the spring framework. In this module BeanFactory is the heart of any spring-based application. The entire framework was built on the top of this module.

- A primary component of the core container is the BeanFactory, an implementation of the Factory pattern. The BeanFactory applies the Inversion of Control (IOC) pattern to separate an application's configuration and dependency specification from the actual application code.

- The Application context module makes spring a framework. This module extends the concept of BeanFactory, providing support for internationalization (I18N) messages, application lifecycle events, and validation.

- This module also supplies many enterprise services such JNDI access, EJB integration, remoting, and scheduling. It also provides support to other framework.
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