Explain the design patterns used in Struts

Explain the design patterns used in Struts.

- The Struts design pattern has N-tier architecture.

- This includes MVC architecture, Web applications characters, struts framework which includes – architecture, design patterns and coding idioms.

N-Tier architecture :

- The architecture includes the following layers and functionalities:

Layer                   Functionality
Client                   User Interface
Presentation         Page Layout
Control                 Command
Business Logic     Business Delegate
Data Access          Domain Model
Resources             Database, enterprise services

MVC Architecture :

- The MVC architecture will isolate Model, View and the Controller functionality , which eases the development of the web applications without intervention of a database programmer with a web page designer to that of the controlling the application.

Web Application Characteristics :

- Browsers used to display the text.
- Objects makes the domain model.
- The data persistence is usually in relational databases.
- The flow of pages changes.

Struts Framework :

- A request from a HTML page will be sent to Struts Servlet that creates a form

- This form is sent to the ActionForm subclass. Any HTTP parameters may be sent to this subclass.

- Form validation process is sent to ActionForm subclass.

- Execution of ActionForm subclass methods and returns a forward page

- The forward page is sent to the JSP.

- The response in the form of HTML will be sent to the Client.

Explain the design patterns used in Struts.

- Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern principle can be used to resolve issues like robustness, maintainability, localization, etc.

- The MVC design pattern calls for a separation of code by their function:

1. Model: Controls data access and persistence.
2. View: Handles how data is presented to the user.
3. Controller: Handles data flow and transformation between Model and View.
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