What is Action Class?

What is Action Class?

Action :

- This class is extended by the org.apache.struts.action.Action class. The business logic is wrapped by the Action class and this class provides an interface to the Model of the application. Action class can be viewed as glue between the View and the Model layer of MVC architecture. The data transfer from the view layers to the specific business process layer(View to Model) is done by this class. The processed data from the business layer to view layer is returned ultimately.

- The struts controller i.e., ActionServlet, chooses an appropriate Action and the instance is created if necessary and invokes execute() method.

What is Action Class?

- An Action class in the struts application extends struts.

- It acts as wrapper around the business logic.

- It provides an inteface to the application's model layer.

- It transfers the data between the view layer and the business layer.

- It works as an adapter between the contents of an incoming HTTP request and the business logic.

- The struts controller creates an instance and calls execute method by selecting an appropriate Action.
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