Testing - Benefits of automation testing over manual testing

What are the benefits of automation testing over manual testing?

The following are the benefits of automated testing:

Reliable: Most of the tests precisely perform the similar operations every time they run; hence human errors can be eliminated.

Repeatable: The software reaction can be tested under repeated execution.

Programmable: The sophisticated tests can be programmed, which bring out the hidden information from the application.

Comprehensive: Building a suite of tests which covers every feature in the application is possible

Reusable: The tests can be reusable on different versions of an application, even though the user interfaces changes.

Better Quality Software: More tests can run with few resources in very less time, which ensures the quality of software better.

Fast: Like any automation, the automated tools to run tests are significantly faster than human testing

What are the benefits of automation testing over manual testing?

1. Automation testing is a faster and a comprehensive approach.
2. It can reduce the amount of manual work thereby reducing cost.
3. Automation streamlines software processes by following the same steps for a given test case to reproduce a defect.
4. Repeatability of testing can be improved.
5. Performance and stress testing can be performed easily which can be tedious if done manually.
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I'd still say manual testing is preferred with some help of automation tools.
All the points you mentioned above are correct, but at the end of the day automation tool cannot think!! So eventually that is also somehow manual... the tool follows instructions given by a human. I've written more thoughts on the topic on my blog here - http://milinpatel17.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/life-is-too-short-for-manual-testing-or-is-it/
Milin Patel 07-24-2014