How do you configure GUI map in WinRunner?

How do you configure GUI map in WinRunner?

Follow the steps to configure GUI map in WinRunner:

1. Select Tools->GUI Map Editor

2. Click on View->GUI Files

3. Click on Expand in GUI Map Editor. View different GUI Map file on each side of the displayed dialog box by clicking the name of files in GUI File lists

4. Select the objects to copy or move from one file. Multiple objects can be selected by pressing Shift or Ctrl key

5. Click on move or copy

6. Click on collapse for restoring GUI Map editor to its original size

WinRunner when learning the description of a GUI object learns only the required properties to identify the object. Applications that contain custom GUI objects (Objects that don’t belong to standard WinRunner classes), are assigned to a generic object class. If this custom object is similar to standard object, it can be identified during context sensitive testing when the properties WinRunner are configured. The custom object and standard object if similar can also be mapped to one of the standard class. This mapping and configuration is valid only for the existing WinRunner session. To make it permanent, configuration statements to the startup test script needs to be added.
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