Testing - Tips to write good bug tracking report

Tips to write good bug tracking report

1. Title should be clear:

A good title is a must, which the essence of the bug report be well grasped by the developer.

2. One but per report:

A bug report should have only one bug and not more or no less. In case more bugs are placed, some of the bugs may be overlooked.

3. Minimum, quantifiable steps to reproduce the problem:

This is a very important tip. Developers need to get the problem in the shortest possible time. So the tester needs to help them for doing just that task. Testers need to have few rounds of testing and be able to produce the problems using minimum steps.

4. Expected and observed results:

A bug report should always contain the expected and the observed result. The developer does not think that the bug is a real bug. Testers should take the responsibility to explain the developers that went wrong.

5. The build that the problem occurs:

It is common the daily builds. If the exact problematic build is not specified by the tester, it is hard for developers to resolve an already-solved problem.

6. Pictures:

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’! Certain times, the words do not flow. If such situations, it is better to have a clear picture that perfectly illustrates the problem.

Tips to write good bug tracking report

1. A small and a comprehensive task description should be written for the developers to understand.
2. Steps to reproduce the step should be written.
3. Tasks with similar categories should be grouped.
4. The bugs should be prioritized on the basis of impact.
5. The module where the bug was found should be mentioned.
6. Depending on the nature of the bug, it can be supported by screen shots.
7. Expected results must always be written.
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