When do you do load and performance Testing?

When do you perform load and performance testing?

Load testing is performed with various interfaces (GUI) testing. Single user testing is primarily focuses on functionality and user interface of a specific system component, application testing focuses on the performance and reliability of an entire system.

Performance Testing is performed to assess the performance of the application. To test the speed and effectiveness of a computer system, network and other software programs, performance testing is done. This process involves quantitative tests such as measuring the response time at which the system functions.

What are the types of Bottlenecks in Performance testing?

There are 4 types of bottle necks in performance testing:

1. Hardware bottleneck
2. Software bottleneck
3. Network bottleneck
4. Memory leak bottleneck

When do you perform load and performance Testing?

1. Web applications that involve a number of concurrent users. E.g. Shopping carts.
2. When the application is integrated with a number of network components.
What is difference between load test and performance test?
Load testing helps to understand how scalable the system is. It helps to understand how well can the system....
How do you debug a LoadRunner script?
Virtual user generator allows two methods to debug a script.....
What are the types of Bottlenecks in Performance testing?
The biggest bottleneck in performance testing is that it requires well experienced man power....
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