UML - Building Block

Building block of UML


- Structural Things
- Behavioral things
- Grouping things
- Annotational things


- Dependency
- Association
- Generalization
- Realization


- Class Diagram
- Object Diagram
- Use case Diagram
- Sequence Diagram
- Collaboration Diagram
- Statechart Diagram
- Activity Diagram
- Component Diagram
- Deployment Diagram
UML Relationship (Unified Modeling Language)
Relationships in UML- Dependency is the relationship between two things in which a change in one thing......
UML Diagram (Unified Modeling Language)
Diagram in UML-Object Diagram, Use case Diagram, Sequence Diagram........
UML Class Diagram (Unified Modeling Language)
Class diagram in UML-Class diagram represents a set of classes, interfaces and collaborations............
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