VB.NET - Describe user interface design in .Net

Describe user interface design in .Net.

- User interface should bevisually consistent.

- Major elements of a user interface include forms, controls and menus.

- A good user interface pays attention to the following considerations:

a. Simplicity
b. Positioning of Controls
c. Consistency
d. Aesthetics

There are three fundamental principles of user interface design:

1. Organize
2. Economize
3. Communicate

- Considering the fact about colors, symbols, static and dynamic graphics are used to convey the concepts, facts and emotions.

- It makes up an information-oriented, systematic graphic design which helps to understand the complex information.

1. Organize:

- It provides the user with a clear and consistent conceptual structure.
- Consistency, screen layout, navigability are important concepts of organization.
- There are important navigation techniques which provide an initial focus for the viewer's attention.

2. Economize:

There are four major parts to be considered:

a. Simplicity
b. Clarity
c. Distinctiveness
d. Emphasis

a. Simplicity: It includes only the elements are most important for communication.
b. Clarity: All components should be designed so their meaning is not ambiguous.
c. Distinctiveness: The important properties of the necessary elements should be distinguishable.
d. Emphasis: Non-critical elements should be emphasized and clutter should be minimized so as not to hide critical information.

3. Communicate:

- It keeps in balance legibility, typography, symbolism, multiple views and color or texture in order to communicate successfully.

a. Readability: The display must be easy to identify and interpret. It should be appealing and attractive.
b. Typography: It includes characteristics of individual elements and their groupings.
c. Multiple views: It provides multiple perspectives on the display of complex structures and processes.

4. Color:

- Color is one of the most complex element in achieving successful visual communication.
- It can be a powerful tool for communication.
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