WebSphere - What is extended deployment in WebSphere?

What is extended deployment in WebSphere?

WebSphere Extended Deployment is a new product for IBM WebSphere software. WED extends the WebSphere software platform. The new features / notions include dynamic operations, high performance computing and extended management.

What is extended deployment in WebSphere?

WebSphere Extended Deployment delivers enhanced Qualities of Service with features for optimizing IT resources.

The suite comprises of 3 products:

1. WebSphere Virtual Enterprise:

- It increases flexibility and agility to ensure business process integrity, improve service, application performance, and better manage health.
- It provides application infrastructure virtualization capabilities that lower costs required to create, manage, and run enterprise applications and an SOA environment.

2. WebSphere eXtreme Scale:

- It is an essential IBM software technology for conducting extreme transaction processing.
- It allows business applications to process exceptionally large volumes of transactions with extreme efficiency and linear scalability.
- It provides transactional integrity and transparent failover to ensure high availability, high reliability, and constant response times.
- It operates as an in-memory data grid that dynamically caches, partitions, replicates, and manages application data and business logic across multiple servers.

3. Compute Grid:

- Enables the scheduling, execution and monitoring of batch type jobs with enhanced service policy and workload management
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