Is WiMax secure?

Is WiMax secure?

- Yes, WiMax is a standard based design, and WiMax standards are well defined to provide much better and flexible security than wi-fi networks.

-WiMax security stack supports two encryption standards one is popular DES3 (Data Encryption Standard) and other is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

-Additionally it requires dedicated security processor for base station.

-It also defines minimum encryption requirements for the traffic and for end to end authentication.

What frequencies are used by WiMax networks?

Standards does not define any uniform global licensed spectrum for WiMax, however the WiMax forum has published 3 licensed spectrum profiles 2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz, in an effort to drive standardization and decrease cost. Also plans for use of analog TV spectrum (700 MHz) await the complete deployment of digital TV.
What are the limitations of WiMax?
What are the limitations of WiMax? - WiMax can not provide highest performance over 50 kilometers. As the distance increases, bit error rate......
Why we need WiMax technology?
Why we need WiMax technology? - The simple answer is, for high speed broadband like internet access on the move.........
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