Work From Home - 10 Ideas to work from home

10 Ideas to work from home

With the development in the means of telecommunication, more and more people are trying to explore the option of telecommuting. Telecommuting can also be called as working remotely or working from home. The reasons for telecommuting or taking up a home based job could be numerous. You may have a small baby at home or an older parent to look after or may be long commuting hours do not suit you. As you start searching on google for a home based job, you will find a lot of sites giving you all sort of information. You will find that after taking up this exercise you have a lot of information about working from home but all scattered. Moreover, you won’t get precise ideas on what exactly is the work that can be done from home.

We are trying to provide you information on what type of jobs can be done remotely. You must note that this list is not fully exhaustive. It is just an effort to give you an idea about the type of work you can do from home. All you need to work from home is an Internet connection, a telephone line and a computer to operate upon. Most of the jobs described here do not need you to be an expert in using the computer. They just need you to have a working knowledge of MS Office and Internet.

Here are some of the options that you can consider to work from home:

Set up an online store or sell on e-bay

It is like having your online retail shop. You can design your own online store and sell things. It can be anything like apparels, books, bouquets, accessories, electronics etc. This business would not require much investment from your end. You will have to be careful about the monetary transactions or dispatches, as the payments will be made online. If you think, you can’t handle the money and logistics part, the better way is to sell through e-bay. As you start selling on e-bay, you get an immediate access to huge number of people sitting with their wallets open.

Sangeeta was working in a boutique before her husband was transferred on an onsite assignment. She soon realized that she will not be able to work there but killing time was not something that she could do. She started collecting small items of daily use and auctioning them on e-bay. Not to say, today she is putting her time to best use from her house.


If you have a good command over two languages, translation could be a very interesting field. If you want to take up some assignments within India, knowing English, Hindi and one regional language would be a winning bet. A lot of companies outsource their translation job. You can approach them and ask for a contract. Even government offices also outsource this work. You can try finding out for opportunities with them.

If you know a foreign language and English, it is again a very interesting combination. You can approach a lot of publishers wanting to republish their content in a foreign language. These can be the publishers of books, magazine, software etc. This career can offer you an earning potential of approximately Rupees 600/page.

Mr. Srivastava was working in public sector as a translator. After retirement the sources of income for him were limited. So, he thought of using his skill which has earned him his livelihood all the life. He approached many PSUs and private companies for Hindi to English and vice versa translation. Today he is easily earning 20,000 Rupees per month as extra income.


This is another area in which you can operate from home. All you need is an Internet connection and a D-Mat account. You can make money by operating in the stock market. It is up to you to decide, how aggressively you want to operate. While you start speculating, be careful with where you are investing your money.

Rohini used to work in stock market after completing her MBA. After marriage, having 2 little children at home added to her responsibilities. Initially she had to take a break for some years but as the children started going to school, she jumped into speculation. Now, as soon as the kids are out, this mom gets transformed into a working lady and by the time children are back from school, she is done with her work.


If you have a good knowledge of any subject, you can get in touch with some publishers to find out if any of them wants to publish a book on the proposed subject. This will give you an opportunity to put your knowledge to a good use and utilize your time in a better way while earning money. When you are approaching the publisher for the first time, make sure that you have well drafted proposal, so that you can discuss it in more detail. The earning potential in this field depends on your subject.

Alex had worked for a world renowned software company for 8 years when he saw a requirement for some technical authors by a publisher. He immediately got in touch with them. The next day, an editor got back to him requesting him to send a proposal. The discussion went on for 15 days and he signed an author contract with them. Today, the sale of his book is a recurring income for him. Not to say the fame, this got him was unimaginable.


Again if you have a good command over a language, you can approach some publishers for the proof reading job. Any written material, be it a book or online content or thesis need to be proof read before actual publication. This presents a good opportunity to those who have a good command over language. You can earn anything from 7000-10000 Rupees, to start with.

Raghu, a student of M.A.-Part I, is a hard working man from a poor family. He needed some work to meet the expenses he was incurring on his studies. Soon, he realized that the Phd scholars of his college needed somebody to proofread their thesis. He contacted a few of them to see if he had an opportunity. Today, he is earning well to meet his expenses and also sends some money to his family back in village.


If you know your subject well, you can start blogging it. A good content would attract a lot of traffic and hence advertising. You can gain monetary benefits through Google Adsense and other advertisements.

Moderating a forum

You can apply to work as a moderator for a forum. There are various forums on the internet which need moderators. If the job interests you, it presents a good work from home opportunity. Usually a forum moderator is paid based on the revenue the forum generates. This should be able to earn you something around 10,000-15,000 Rupees per month.

Graphic designing

This is a creative field which needs an interest in creativity and a knowledge of working on the software. This is one job which can be done independently anytime. Anything starting from a visiting card to an advertisement needs graphic designing. So, if you have a flair for creativity and knowledge of creating graphics, this could be another interesting field. The earning potential in this field depends on the size of assignment. Designing an A4 size Ad for a medium level company should be able to fetch you somewhere around 3000-5000 Rupees.


Every organization needs documents to be typed. You can approach some organizations to see if some of them are ready to outsource it to you. Also, you can find some opportunities on Internet. The payments here are made on page basis. This job can get you anywhere from 100-500 Rupees per page depending on the company and language.

Content writing

Many online and print magazines actually pay freelancers for content writing. If this interests you, this field offers some really interesting opportunities. You will see many website advertising “Write for us”, they actually welcome content from freelancers. Approach them and see if there’s an opportunity for you. The earning potential this job offers also varies with the company and subject. You can earn anything from 500-4000 Rupees for an article.

You will ask us, how do I get a work from home opportunity? The best option is to explore if there’s an opportunity with your current employer to work from home. If that is not possible or you are not interested in doing it, you will have to graduate from the university of hard knocks and make your own way.

The personal qualities you will need to ensure that you are successful in your working from home assignment are:
  • Self Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Maturity to handle the work
  • Being productive
  • Self motivation
So, if you think you have the qualities that a home based job needs, start working on your options now.
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