XHTML interview questions and answers - freshers, experienced

What is XHTML? Why XHTML?

XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. It is a combination of XML and HTML capabilities. XHTML can be viewed as intersection of HTML and XML in many aspects.

Why to use XHTML.

- Most of the web pages contain bad HTML
- Combines the strengths of both XML and HTML
- XHTML is strict in defining the tags, like
Properly nested elements
1. All elements must always be closed
2. All elements must be written in lower case
3. Every XHTML document must have one root element.

How is XHTML better than HTML?

The following are the reasons for why XTML is better than HTML:

- XHTML uses style sheets instead of font, color and alignment tags of HTML.
- XHTML allows to style sheets and scripts embedding in CDATA section.
- XML of XHTML eases the integration of new elements as subsets of SGML.
- Portable - Non-pc platforms can be accessed with XHTML.

What is XHTML Modularization? Why XHTML Modularization?

The decomposition of XHTML and by reference HTML into a group of modules that are abstract to provide modularity is known as XHTML modularization. These modules are utilized in the XML document type definition language. The rules needed to define the abstract model uses XML DTD.

Modularization of XHTML refers to specify well defined set of XHTML elements which can be compiled and extended by the XHTML document developers, other XML standards specifications.

Modularization of XTML acts as a means for the designers of product for specifying the elements that supports a specific devise by using standard building blocks and standard methods for building blocks usage. The content community gets “points of conformance” by using these modules.
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