What is FlexField? Types of flexfields

What is FlexField? Explain types of flexfields?

We can assume FlexField as a collection of segments or sub-fields which can be added or removed to modify the structure of the FlexField and does not require any levels of programming. It is just a pop-up window which has a cause for each segment. There are two types:

-Key FlexFields
-Descriptive FlexFiled

Key FlexField is used for creating unique identifiers or constraints. It is the building block which defines the structure of objects. Key flexfields are flexible enough to let any organization use the code scheme they want, without programming. With the help of Key Fields an organization can define rules to specify which segment values can be combined to make a valid complete code (also called a combination).

Descriptive FlexField is used to create new fields on screen and capture other information. Also provides customizable”expansion space” on your forms. Descriptive flexfields can be context sensitive, where the information your application stores depends on other values your users enter in other parts of the form.
Businesses needs satisfy by flexfields
The following businesses needs are served by FlexField: You can query the key fields. Helps in customization of data fields without programming.......
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