Key flexfield and descriptive flexfield

Distinguish between key flexfield and descriptive flexfield.

Key FlexField is used for creating unique identifiers or constraints. It is the building block which defines the structure of objects. Key flexfields are flexible enough to let any organization use the code scheme they want, without programming. With the help of Key Fields an organization can define rules to specify which segment values can be combined to make a valid complete code (also called a combination).

Descriptive FlexField is used to create new fields on screen and capture other information. Also provides customizable “expansion space” on your forms. Descriptive flexfields can be context sensitive, where the information your application stores depends on other values that users enter in other parts of the form.

Key flexfields displays like text item but Descriptive FlexField displays like arrays. Key flexfields gives the result after simple entry of data and Descriptive FlexField is user dependent whic means when user want to get output.
Context sensitive segments
Context Sensitive segments in descriptive flexfields are segments which can be made available or cannot be made available in a Descriptive flexfield.......
Significance of structure id in key flexfields
The structure ID is the unique identifier for the Flexfield structure defined across the entire installation.......
Segments in a flexfield compulsory
We have segments in the flex field compulsory as: As segments are used to define segments for flexfield. Without segments you cannot have your flex fields. Using this we can create new segments.....
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