Need of a flexfield qualifier

Explain the need of a flexfield qualifier.

A flexfield qualifier identifies a particular segment of a key flexfield. For eg: an application needs some method of identifying a particular segment for some application purpose such as security or computations. However, since the key flexfield can be customized so that segments appear in any order with any prompts, the application needs a mechanism other than the segment name or segment order to use for segment identification. Flexfield qualifiers serve this purpose. We can think of a flexfield qualifier as an”identification tag” for a segment.
Qualifiers segment and flexfield qualifier
A segment qualifier identifies a particular type of value in a single segment of a key flexfield, and segment qualifiers can identify the account type Planning and Defining......
Significance of cross validate segments
Cross validation is just a simple validation rule applied on flex field combination which restricts every user to enter some invalid combinations......
Procedure to make DFF read only at run time
FND_DESCR_FLEX.UPDATE_DEFINITION () is the name of the procedure that we need DFF read only at run time......
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