Role of Document Manager

What is the role of Document Manager in Oracle Purchasing?

To receive pipeline signal from the application on made request. Document Manager Functionality comes within Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) which allows an Organizations/firm to effectively and efficiently capture, secure, share and distribute digital and paper-based documents and reports.

The main benefits of using the Document Manager are Organization will:
- Save money and improve operational efficiencies by streamlining communications,
- Automating routine tasks and
- Lowering costs related to the printing, shipping, and storage of business documents.
- Manageable as it can easily collaborate and share documents of all types and allow users to quickly and securely access and manage them via a Web browser.
- Hot-pluggable which means can provide out-of-the-box support for Oracle and third party repositories, security, and enterprise applications.
Mechanisms to trace the document manager
Set the debugging on by using profile option: First Set profile option
Enable tracing for document managers
This can be done by setting profile option “Initialization SQL Statement – Custom” against your username before reproducing the issue.......
Gather Stats and “Program - Optimizer [RGOPTM]”
Former cannot create any indexes but Stats will simply gather the stats against existing tables.......
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