Types of invoices

What are different types of invoices and what is a recurring invoice?

Types of Invoice: Standard Invoice, CreditMemo Invoice, DebitMemo Invoice, Expense Invoice, Recurring Invoice With-hold tax Quick Match and Pre-Payment Invoice.

Recurring Invoice: As the name suggests the invoice that occurs at regular interval of time is known as the Recurring Invoice.

Differentiate between cross-validation rules and security-rules.

Cross validation rules: Restricting the user for entering an invalid value in the segment.For e.g.: If user is providing an alphanumeric value in numeric segment, where just numbers are allowed. On the other hand security-rules checks upto what extent the changes could be done.
- Cross validation rules are applied as a whole but security-rules is valid upto a particular segment.
- Cross validation we can say checks probability for maximum combinations of segment values a user can enter. Whereas Security-rules determines the level upto which a user can view transaction.
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