Use of CUSTOM Library in Oracle Apps

What is the use of CUSTOM Library in Oracle Apps?

- The main beneficial use of the custom library is allowing extension to Oracle Application without modification of Oracle Application code.

- We can do the customization such as Zoom, enforcing business rules and disabling fields that do not apply for your site.

- Also used to validate the base application without modifying the Custom.pll.

- The CUSTOM library is an Oracle Forms PL/SQL library.

- It allows you to take full advantage of all the capabilities of the Developer/2000 suite of products, and integrate your code directly with Oracle Applications without making changes to Oracle Applications code.

- The CUSTOM library is located in the $AU_TOP/res/plsql directory (or platform equivalent).

- The CUSTOM library you modify must replace the default CUSTOM library in this directory in order for your code to take effect.

- After you write code in the CUSTOM procedures, compile and generate the library using Oracle Forms.

- Then place this library into $AU_TOP/res/plsql directory (or platform equivalent).

- Subsequent invocations of Oracle Applications will then run this new code.

- The specification of the CUSTOM package in the CUSTOM library cannot be changed in any way.

- You may add your own packages to the CUSTOM library, but any packages you add to this library must be sequenced after the CUSTOM package.

- To ensure that your packages remain sequenced after the CUSTOM package even after a conversion from a .pld file, when program units are alphabetized.
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