Differences between a high-fidelity and low-fidelity design - Business analyst

What are the differences between a high-fidelity and low-fidelity design?

The actual product or prototype is much closer to the high fidelity design as compared to low fidelity. Low fidelity designs are usually sketches or paper designs. High fidelity designs may be HTML Designs. Low fidelity designs are cheaper as compared to high fidelity designs.
Software Design Patterns
Software Design Patterns - Explain the Analysis phase and Design phase, What are design patterns?, What are the four major categories in which design patters can be categorized? Name the methods that lie in these categories.
How is the data model designed during the planning phase? - Business analyst
Data model design begins with the identification of user requirements.....
What is the purpose of the database schema? - Business analyst
A database schema helps to identify the different tables and fields of each table. The database schema...
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