What is the purpose of envisioning? - Business analyst

What is the purpose of envisioning?

- Purpose of envisioning is to predict the scope of the project.

- Envisioning ensures that the team has a common vision with respect to the goal.

- It helps to take future decisions, find out impacts of the business requirement.

- Envisioning will help the team identify risks and get an abstract view of the project.

- During this phase the team clarifies the business problem or opportunity that the solution must solve.

- It completes tasks and creates deliverables to meet the goal of this phase to create a high-level view of the project's goals, constraints, and solution.

- This phase culminates in the Vision/Scope Approved Milestone, indicating team and customer agreement on the purpose and direction of the project.

- Note: The "customer" is the individual or individuals who expect to gain business value from the solution, and is also known as the business sponsor.

- The CFO, representing the corporation, might be the customer for a solution to be implemented by a project team within the IT organization.
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