Types of tests performed during the stabilizing phase - Business analyst

Explain types of tests performed during the stabilizing phase.

Component testing
Testing done on individual components is called as component testing. Component here can be a software item for which separate requirements are given. For e.g. payment gateways

Database testing
As the name suggests; database testing is performed on the database used in the application. Testing typically includes checking of the database interaction, integrity of the database, and security of the database. SQL queries needs to be fired in order to test the database in case the front end fails to produce result.

Infrastructure testing
Infrastructure testing is usually performed in case of networking projects. It involves the testing of the hardware, software, Web servers like Apache, Tomcat. It ensures proper communication between the hardware and software components of the system.

Security testing
Security testing aims to protect or secure the data in the system. It must ensure that the data is kept confidential and properly authenticated if needed. To ensure the data is available at all times, properly authorized and not changed. To ensure that the data is available even though there may be some failure.

Integration testing
An application is usually split into modules. On performing module testing on these modules (individually), they are integrated. On integration, integration testing is performed to ensure that the functionality is not broken. Integration testing needs to ensure that on integration, the modules continue to work as before.

User acceptance and usability testing
User acceptance testing is performed at the end. The user tests the application to ensure that the requirements are implemented as specified. Once the user is satisfied, the project is ready to be closed. Usability testing is performed on the user as well. It is used to evaluate the product depending on the user’s response.

Stress, capacity, and performance testing
Stress testing is performed to evaluate how the system responds to stress. It decides how well can the system handle errors and how robust. It is e.g. inputting many characters in a text box.

Capacity testing
Capacity testing is performed by simulating the application with more inputs as compared to the capacity. E.g. more number of users.

Performance testing
Performance testing is used to test the performance of the system. Performance is measured in terms of response time to a particular request, number of requests that can be processed per second etc.

Regression testing
Regression testing is done on the changes made to the application to ensure that the older functionality works the same way. Test scenarios are prepared for regression testing.

Recording the number of bugs
On testing the application, if bugs are found; they should be recorded. The bugs decided the quality of the system. The bugs need to be reported to the developers and tracked. The number of bugs decides the performance of the application.

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