What is a brand? Explain importance of brand management - brand management

What is a brand and what is the importance of brand management?

A brand is the set of product or service attributes imbibed in the consumer’s mind in the form of a name, symbol, logo, design and trademark. The importance of brand management is:

- Product differentiation from competitors
- Building corporate image
- Creating bundle of benefits for different product categories
- Attract and retain the most loyal customers
What is brand positioning? Explain basis for positioning a brand - brand management
Brand positioning is a process in which marketers would like to occupy the rational space in the minds of the target customers against competition...........
What are the components of Brand Positioning? - brand management
The components of brand positioning are : Target audience..........
What are the main responsibilities of a Brand Manager? - brand management
The major responsibilities of a brand manager are: To oversee the overall performance of the brand and will be a single point of contact for overall profitability of the brand on a whole..........
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What is marque déposée?
In simple words a marque déposée is a unique name or logo used to uniquely identify the goods and services of a company. To run a successful marque déposée first of all you need to understand the needs and demands of your customer. Your marque déposée live in the hearts and minds of customers. Get more details on how to create a successful marque déposée please visit http://marques.expert/ .
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