BPO interview questions and answers part 2

What services are provided by a bpo?

Following are the category of services which are provided by a bpo:

- Customer Contact Management
- Finance / Accounting Processes
- Logistics
- Travel Management
- Telemarketing
- Health care
- Utilities

Other then these, Human Resources, Consulting, Insurance, Documentation, telecommunications are some other sectors are also following bpo trend.

What is the prime reason that bpo industry is flourishing in India?

Due to the following reasons bpo industry is flourishing in India:

- Indians have equivalent communication skills and a fair accent, so they are easily able to speak American as well as British English which is accepted worldwide.

- Secondly Indians are fast learners and good negotiators so they know how to work by making optional arrangements.

- Thirdly Indians are ready to work according to standard time so that is also considered.

- Fourthly Indians are ready to work at fewer wages.

What you will do if your mother as well as your wife, both are sinking in a river, whom you will save first if you have just one chance?

These types of questions are asked to check how good you can handle a situation.

So for such questions you should answer very carefully without being emotional. You can answer this question in the following manner:

“If I would have just one chance then I will give each of my hand to both of them, rest I will leave everything to god, whatever he wishes.”

Do salary packages inspire you while switching the job?

Such questions are asked to check whether you are really interested in work or money. If your answer signifies that you are really interested in money more than work then in that case if you are offered a better package from some other company then you will leave the job. So to such questions you should answer very carefully and can say:

“It’s not always salary which matters, sometimes it is even work which matters a lot, even on the stake of salary, however I will act as per the situation.”

What will you say if the interviewer says that he really like you, and asks “would you like to marry him in future”?

- Such questions are asked to check how emotionally stable you are, and how good you can understand & handle the situation. Interviewer is not actually flirting with you he is just checking your emotional quotient.

- To answer this, you can say something like:

“If everything goes well in future, then I can think about it”. This means that if you get selected, there might be a chance.

BPO is a growing industry. How do you see yourself growing with it?

- Never answer negatively to such questions

- Do not say that you are doing this job just to earn money and pass time. You can answer this question as:

“According to my future plans, bpo is good enough for me as I believe in short term targets or goals.”

Should Indian girls be introduced in Indian army at war fronts?

These kind of questions are asked to check what kind of mind set you keep or how broadly you think, according to your answer they will judge that whether you are suitable to work in their working environment or not.

You can answer this question as:

“Now girls are being introduced in army in various fields. Though our men are strong enough to save the country but if a girl wants her spirit shouldn’t be ignored and she should be allowed to participate. As we all know,we are first to our country then to our sexuality”.

BPO experience is valued to bpo industries only. Do you think it should be considered in other industries also seeing the today’s situation of unemployment?

- Many of the bpo’s in today’s date provide designation of an executive. The experience under this designation is counted if one plans to do MBA and thus is beneficial.

- Also, as bpo’s experience might not count in every field of job similarly other job experiences also do not count universally thus it is not as bad as it is portrayed to be. The industry is growing fast and is recognized universally, there might be a country where resource management is not required but requirement of bpo’s is universal

Clients always prefer an executive who talks in their native language or in their own accent. How you are going to respond to such clients to make them talk to you?

You should say I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience, looking at the current situation there is no one to talk to you in your language. However, I am looking forward to make this issue very small for you, take me as your consultant, my offers and thoughts will definitely make you feel easy and give you peace of mind . For that, I need your time and concentration to this, Mr. Customer. It will be resolved by us for sure.

As far as understanding my English is concerned I will speak a bit slowly and more clearly so that my language matches your rate of understanding and if you do not understand anything, please feel free to let me know.

How will you respond to a customer who plans to take a legal action?

I appreciate your point of talking about your attorney; in this case I would like to tell you that our business motto is to resolve our business issues as fast as possible without including customer into the long cycle of legal processes. I will be pleased if you make me clear at the points where you feel that you are not clear or confused. I hope my offers will definitely make you feel easy after knowing the present issue solution.

What is homeshoring?

Homeshoring is the synonym of homesourcing. It means that outsourcing the work to from service industry to employees who can work from their home or workplace by appropriate means of telephone and Internet facilities. It refers to hiring independent employees and contractors without any bond. Sometimes it requires training of employees in office from time-to-time.

What is the difference between nearshoring and offshoring?

There is not a vast difference between nearshoring and offshoring. Nearshoring is derived from offshoring only, it means shifting or transferring the business in a neighboring country or a nearby region i.e. sometimes across the borders too, so that it can benefit both the parties in different aspects. Nearshoring means that the business has shifted work to a lower cost organization, but within its own region whereas offshoring involves shifting of business to a foreign or distant organization in order to reduce production costs.

Which are the top 10 BPO companies in India?

Top 10 bpo companies in India are:

a. Genpact
b. WNS global
c. IBM Daksh
d. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide
f. Wipro BPO
g. First source
h. Infosys BPO
i. HCl BPO
j. EXL Service Holdings

What is the most efficient manner to lead a team?

A team can be lead in the most efficient way by the following points:

a. Always stand for your team.
b. Always guide them without any personal interests.
c. Correct your team member’s flaws whenever required.
d. Always motivate your team in every aspect.
e. Never be bossy.

What you are going to do if you are not able to complete your targets?

If the interviewer is asking this question then he wants you to give a genuine answer, which you will actually do if something like this happens. So be very realistic while answering this question.

You can say that “it was my mistake that I couldn’t complete my target this time but I’ll make sure that next time I complete my target exactly on time.

What is a difference between a bpo and a call center?

The difference between a bpo and a call center is that call centers only performs just one function that is taking calls which can be a part of a business or a company whereas bpo is business process outsourcing unit which outsource the business in various manner. Call center can be a part of a bpo but it is not a bpo.

Why you want to do this job when there are other better jobs in the market?

This question is asked to check what are your views about the company and how much do you value it.

Answer this with -

- All the positive points about the company or the industry.
- You have read very good reviews about the company on various sites.
- Never state such statements which signifies, that this is the only option left with you.

If a customer is trying to make you move round the topic instead of coming direct on the point. How will you make the negotiation comfortable?

This question is asked to see that how you will deal with clients later, so if they find your answer suitable then only the interviewer will select you. For such questions you should:

- State all the positive points in a polite manner
- Try to make him realize his profit which can make the negotiation comfortable.

Bpo industry has uneven timings and shift. Don’t you feel everyone needs break on weekends and working hours should be day?

These types of questions are asked to check whether you are comfortable with shifts or not so you should answer this question very carefully. You can say:

“I think 24x7 is the core of service industry and BPO is one among them. I feel that there should be break but not only on Saturday and Sunday. It also brings in challenge and I love challenges. Service industry has 2nd largest contribution in GDP, so it also brings sense of pride.”

“Customer is always correct". Do you believe?

The whole industry and businesses are running successfully due to customers. They provide the money needed to run these industries. A demand or request for a customer can be wrong for sometime but it will always be right for him. So our industry is growing due to customers and the services we provide them that is the reason we need to take special care of customers and hence this line is absolutely true.
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