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Cabin Crew Resume - Sample 1

Ram Bajpai
Email ID- ****@gmail.com
Contact No. +91-********
Career Objective
To get a challenging role of cabin crew member where I can utilize my skills and experience and give a satisfactory service to the customer. It should also provide me the financial stability.
Career Summary
  • A well presented, articulate and confident individual with a proven ability to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that passengers leave with a lasting positive impression of their flight possesses 3+ experience as a cabin crew member.
  • Experience of working with passengers from different cultures & backgrounds.
  • Experienced in dealing with the public & comfortable in a selling role.
  • Experienced in all security checks before the take off.
  • Experienced in providing the best service to the customer.
Personal Qualities
  • Strong analytical and helping skills
  • Keeping itself calm in the situation of conflict.
  • Remarkable patience and motivational skills
  • Unmatchable communication skills in written and verbal both.
Key Responsibilities Handled
  • Responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers.
  • Doing routine safety checks before take off.
  • Welcoming passengers as they board the plane and helping them find their seats.
  • Attending pre-flight briefings.
  • Helping passengers load and also unload luggage from the overhead lockers.
  • Dealing with high-net worth individuals in a professional and mature manor.
  • Making sure that the aeroplane is clean and tidy before passengers come on board.
  • Prior to take off making sure all passengers have their seat belts on.
  • Demonstrating to the safety procedures to follow in an emergency situation.
  • Contributing to a customers in-flight experience.
  • Circulating and collecting customs and immigration documents from passengers.
  • At the end of a journey completing a flight report recording any incidents.
  • Promoting the sale of duty-free products.
  • Serving meals and drinks to the passengers throughout the flight.
  • Dealing with difficult passengers & situations politely but firmly.
Computer Knowledge
  • Well versed with the use of computers
  • Familiar with the cockpit’s apparatus
  • Receive many appreciations from customers for providing best services.
  • Got ‘Best Crew Member Award’ in 2011 - 2012
  • Working as Crew Member in ASD Airlines from 2011 - Present.
  • Worked as Crew Member in SSG Airlines from 2009 - 2011.
  • Diploma in Flight Attendant
  • MBA in Hospitality
  • B.Tech in Aeronautical engineering
Personal Details
Languages Known - Hindi, English, French, Russian
Address - BJSBJSB

Cabin Crew Resume - Sample 2

Ankita ******
301/p, TA Park,
Delta, KL-566
Conatct no.: 13254********
Email Id: ank*****@redmail.com
Seeking a position of Cabin Crew in reputed in a well renowned Airlines to deliver best hospitality skills and serve the customers
Skill Sets
  • Warm Personality
  • Sincerity and honesty
  • Cross cultural sensitivity
  • Detail oriented
  • Customer focused
Professional Skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience in fast paced and high profile work
  • In-depth information on safety and security measures
  • Thorough understanding of airlines rules and procedures
Key Responsibilities Handled
  • Coordination with other team members
  • To provide complete information about the safety measures in case of emergency situations during flights
  • Greeting customers in a polite manner when they board flight and at the end of their journey
  • Knowledge of checking safety and security in the cabin before the flight takes off
  • Maintaining high onboard standards
  • Accepting responsibilities of passengers in any case
  • Taking care of tricky issues and situations
  • Assisted passengers with storage of additional baggage
  • Checked tickets at the same time as boarding
  • Assisting passengers in locating seats
  • Ensured the safety of passengers during the flight
  • Providing additional space for passengers with disabilities and passengers with small children
  • Answering any flight questions
  • Offering food and beverage services to the passengers
  • Making sure passengers for particular needs or dietary supplements are taken care of previous to flight
  • Attending the preflight meetings
  • Taking down the instructions about special passengers with any disease or disabilities
  • Monitoring the cleanliness and the safety points in the plane before allowing entry to the passengers
  • Greeting passengers with small conversations
  • Helping the passengers to find their seats
  • Reporting the supervisors on serious issues
  • Checking the seat belts of each passenger
  • Maintaining and submitting flight reports to the supervisors
  • K3 flight from 20** till date
  • KLM airlines from 20** to 20**
  • First Aid Certification
  • CPR Training
  • Graduated in Home Science from D university with B grades
  • Post graduate diploma in cabin crew from the SKY Air Hostess Institute
Personal Details
Date of Birth: 04/07/19**
Languages known: English, Hindi, German, Spanish

Cabin Crew Resume - Sample 3

91 856*******
To seek the position of a cabin crew at a renowned airline company and enhance my career growth.
Skills Set
  • Pleasant personality with good physique
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Immense exposure to the fast paced and high profile work environment.
  • Good customer service skills.
  • Cooperate with other team members
  • Polite & humble
  • Sound knowledge of the Airline systems & procedures.
Professional Experience
Working as a Cabin Crew in SYN Airlines since March 2008
  • Monitoring the cleanliness and the safety points in the plane before allowing entry to the passengers
  • Welcoming the passengers on the board and greeting them.
  • Helping the passengers to find their seats
  • Checking the seat belts of each passenger just before the plane takes off
  • Serving the passengers food/drinks promptly and as per their demands
  • Greeting each passenger at the end of the journey
  • Attending the pre-flight meetings.
  • Noting down all the instructions about special passengers such as people suffering from respiratory diseases, celebrities, etc.
  • Reporting the supervisors about any serious issues in the flight.
  • Maintaining the plane reports and submitting it to the supervisors
Worked as a Flight Attendant in JLK Airlines (July 2006-Feb 2008)
  • Verifying the ticket of all the passengers at the gateway
  • Guiding the passengers to their respective seats
  • Providing the passengers with reading material
  • Serving in snacks and beverages to the passengers on their seats
  • Taking care of their complaints and queries on board and providing them with feedback forms
  • Demonstrating the safety procedures to all the passengers and what to do in case of emergencies
Academic Details
  • Post graduate diploma in cabin crew from the JNI Aviation Academy.
  • Bachelor of Commerce from SJK University with first class.
  • HSC from SNK Board with first class.
  • SSC from SBJ Board with first class.
Extra Curricular Activities
  • Won several prizes in the Quiz competitions & dance competitions.
  • Won the Best Student award at the Aviation Academy.
  • Participation in the National Aviation Conference held at the NDK.
  • Participation in the Debate competitions at school & college level.
  • Participation in the Tennis competitions.
Personal Details
Date of Birth: 13-06-19**
Languages Known: English, Hindi & German
Address: 28, Mian Street, NSI.
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Cabin crew resume
Sneh Srivastava
Email ID- ****@gmail.com
Contact No. +91-*********

Career Objective-

I'm a Motivated, adaptable and a responsible manager seeking an organisation to take my management skills to the next level.

Career Summary-

- Over Eight years of experience in Aviation and Banking - Customer Care Industry.
- Organised and capable of working under pressure.
- Strong leader who leads by example.
- Practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion.
- Determined to succeed and very ambitious.

Personality Traits-

- Excellent communication skills and great interpersonal skills.
- Aim to achieve set goals and targets to meet major deadlines in life and employment.
- Enjoy working on my own initiative or in a team.
- Reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and eager to learn and have a genuine interest in management and sales.

Key responsibilities handled-

- Cabin Senior Training
- PST - Performa Services (Next Generation Premium Class) Training
- QCAA license for SEP training on B-777, A340, A330, A321, A320, A319
- Basic First Aid, Dangerous Goods and Security Training
- Air Restraint and Ditching Evacuation Training
- Effective Service language Course( for Service Recovery)
- Rules of Social Games.
- Responsible Alcohol service skills and Service design Team.


- Numerous Letters of Appreciation, Complimentary Letters and Passenger Comments for exemplary services
provided to the customers on many occasions.
- Complimentary survey forms for outstanding services provided to the customers on many occasions.


- Working from June 20068-till date as Cabin Senior in FGH Airways.
- Worked from January 2005-June 2006 as Flight Stewardes in OKN airways.
- Worked from April 2004-January 2005 as Customer Care Executive in AHJ airways.


- May 2007, Bachelors in Business Administration from ASD University.
- 2004 - 12th (CBSE) from IKL Public School.

Personal Details-

Date of Birth : 30th September, 1986.
Gender : Female
Height : 162 cms
Weight : 51 Kgs
Marital status : Single
Language Known : English, Hindi and Punjabi
References : Available
Prateek Bajpai 11-28-2012