10th and 12th percentage in resume.

Asked by: Guest - 20 May 16
Is it important to give 10th and 12th percentage in resume? I didn’t score well in either of these, but I have passed my graduation in first distinction and pursuing my MBA Operations final year. Is it possible that I skip the 10th and 12th percentage details from my resume?

Our expert said - 20 May 16
For a student who does not have any experience to count on, the percentage of marks right from their secondary level examination are important. The marks obtained in the 10th and 12th board exams form the basis of the career. Skipping the details from the resume would create suspicion of concealing the information.

When the candidate has scored well in the graduation, they can project more of their good performances during the graduation which could deviate the focus of the interviewer. The candidate can also add any of their meritorious performance during their MBA course study which could again direct the interviewer for the stepping-up pattern of the candidate and give a realistic confidence of the candidates upward performance in the career.

As a last scenario, the candidate can skip the percentage details of 10th and 12th if they have some outstanding performances in their career thereafter that could override these percentages. Still, there remains a point where the interviewer can seek an explanation for skipping these details from the resume.

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