7 years coaching experience - Now wish to get a full time job

Asked by: Guest - 27 Apr 16
I’ve completed by BTech CSE in 2008 and running my own coaching centre since then. I’m searching for a job to have a fixed monthly income. Do I need to go ahead with any new courses to add value to my years old degree?

Our expert said - 27 Apr 16
Though it is a long break for career into a corporate sector for a B Tech graduate, still the experience of running coaching centre could help in specific direction. A graduate long back without a masters could find things turning odd when entering the job market. Things would definitely turn better if some certification could brush up the educational background and give an ignition to the career.

An MBA or any diploma in the field of choice can help in searching new opportunities. A M Tech degree might prove beneficial in carry forwarding the teaching experience and extending the same to higher level institutions. If interested, the opportunity can open up for journalism or animation and designing through courses like CAD. And last but not the least, is serving for the higher purpose of existence by joining any NGO.

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