‘Acting’ position on resume

Asked by: Guest - 20 May 16
I took the position of ‘Acting manager’ for 3 months when he was on official trip abroad. How to write those details on my resume as it could add value to my career.

Our expert said - 20 May 16
It is good that the candidate is chosen from the team to pose as ‘Acting Manager’. Not everyone gets selected for such an opportunity. Adding these details to the resume would actually add value to the career.

It depends for which profile the candidate is applying for, while giving details on the resume. If the applied job profile is similar to the current permanent profile, it is better to give that under the experience and provide the position of ‘Acting Manager’ as an additional exposure and experience. On the other hand, if the applied job profile is in more sync with the higher management profile, the experience of ‘acting Manager’ along with the current profile would give more weightage for the candidate. A bit detailed description for the role played as ‘acting manager’ is acceptable in the second scenario.

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