Banking and investment job profile

Asked by: Guest - 15 Apr 16
I want to get a banking and investment job profile. How should I prepare for it?

Our expert said - 22 Apr 16
Investment banking profile involves lot of group work. The investment banking interview largely deals on two planes viz. 1. Quantitative technical questions and 2. Qualitative soft questions.

1.Quantitative technical questions – This is basically oriented to test the baseline knowledge of the aspirants. The major area of focus remains on the accounting and valuation. It is very important to possess the rudimentary accounting knowledge. The other questions may be on intrinsic and relative valuation, discounted cash flow analysis etc. The technical questions might also be challenging brainteasers to check the presence of mind of the candidates and how they think and respond on the spot.

2.Qualitative soft questions – This section may not essentially deal with finance. The interviewer mainly seek to establish fit, which is very important for this job profile. Many a times, the fit outweighs even the technical aptitude of the candidate.
Few examples of the questions that test the fit are like “Describe your ideal work environment”,

“Your fun-time activity when not working”, “your favourite place for an ideal vacation” etc. These questions give a fair clue to the examiner regarding the basic instinct of the person. Do not get excited while answering these questions. Honesty is appreciated, but try to retain your modesty while answering.

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