Better study time

Asked by: Guest - 15 Apr 16
Is it better to study at night or during the day?

Our expert said - 21 Apr 16
Every individual is different and unique. The biological and circadian rhythm differs from person-to-person. This biological rhythm gives the comfort zone and fresh outlook to the individual.

It is usually seen that a student requires silence and tranquility for a better study. This silence gives them more energy to focus on the topic and avoid distractions. This silence also helps to yield innovative and creative trends to perceive the topic and channelize the energy is constructive form. Such a period is usually observed in late night hours or early morning hours.

Though day time has more time to have individual or group study and engage with friends and teachers to seek help, still the body and mind does not remain all that fresh in the daytime. Even when majority of students prefer late hours at night for studying, with a better internet speed to aid; still it fails to give a freshness. The mind remains pre-occupied with the activities of the complete day.

Research has proved that early morning study helps in learning things quickly and is retained for comparatively longer duration. The one probable reason behind this is a fully relaxed and fresh mind in the morning, free of any distractions.

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