Can cover letter help me in getting an interview call?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Apr 16
Is it important to accompany the resume with a cover letter? How will it increase my chances of getting an interview call?

Our expert said - 25 Apr 16
Including a cover letter is a good option unless it is specified not to attach one. Cover letter is not a formal document as the resume. It is infused with the personality of the applicant. It gives a brief idea regarding the skills of the candidate and occasionally an add-on mentioned in the cover letter which is not present in the resume makes it more channelizing.

A cover letter is like selling our credentials with a golden label. It could be considered as a marketing strategy to explain our expertise in more energetic manner. Few people feel that the cover letter takes the job seeker to the creamy layer of the candidates considered for the job profile.

But, the cover letter should be drafted and conveyed sensibly. If the resume is sent through an email, the cover letter should be in the email body and not as an attachment along with resume. Again, where the cover letter is specifically asked to be avoided, it should not be sent. There are scenarios where the resume is updated along with numerous other questions regarding the personal and professional updates of career. The cover letter should be pasted in the area where the space is given to describe own self and not to be uploaded along with resume. These are few key points of presenting the cover letter as a cherry on the cake.

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