Can I do Interior Designing after engineering?

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
I had always been interested in Interior Designing, but took engineering at my graduation to satisfy my parents. Now as they are convinced with my interest, is it possible to opt any Interior Designing course? I have completed my BE Mechanical branch.

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
It is a very rare combination that students pursue interior designing after engineering. Yes, it is possible to pursue interior designing after engineering. And it is very much appreciable that the student has made sufficient efforts to convince their parents to carry on with their field of interest. It is never late for a good start. The field studied with interest is always well performed one and people tend to succeed better if they follow their interest.

Engineering students are eligible to go ahead with Bachelor’s, Diploma and Certificate courses available in interior designing. After completing their graduation they can move on to the post-graduate courses as well. Bachelor degree are of 3 years duration usually, but Bachelor of design is a 4 year course. If the student is not willing to devote that long duration, they can check out for some diploma or even shorter span certificate courses, which would suffice their eagerness to study designing.

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