Career in the field of Archaeology

Asked by: Guest - 07 Aug 16
I have joined BA Archaeology and want to find my future scope in this field.

Our expert said - 10 Aug 16
Archaeology is the study that deals with architecture, excavation, biofacts, artifacts, and their surveying etc. and to understand the existence and human activity in the past. Though it is a very important study and requires to be well understood to know many new things, still this field is very thinly populated. The less staffing in Archaeological set-ups makes it difficult for this field to flourish well.

This field is seen growing in the recent trends with more students showing interest and passion in Archaeological studies. Job opportunities in the Government set-up are quite satisfying in proportion to the Archaeological students in the community. The major recruiters of Archaeologists are:

- State Archaeology Departments
- Teaching profession
- Professor / Lecturer after completing the post-graduation in the same field
- Private Heritage firms that restores and preserves ancient things
- Entrepreneurship
- Art museums and galleries etc.

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