Career prospects for ‘event management’

Asked by: Guest - 29 Apr 16
What is event management? What is the qualification for event management services? What are the career prospects with ‘event management’?

Our expert said - 29 Apr 16
Event Management, in simple terms can be described as ‘Applied Project Management’. It basically deals with the creation, development and execution of large scale events like

- Social Events
- Business Events
- Product Launching
- Corporate gatherings
- Cultural Events
- Conferences etc.

Event management deals right from studying the brand, to identifying the target audience, creation and implementation of event concept, planning the logistics, to coordinating the technological aspect before launching any event.

Some of the courses offered by different colleges and institutes with regard to ‘Event Management’ are

- MBA in Event Management and PR
- PG Program in Event Management
- Diploma in Event Management
- BA (Hons) in Media and Entertainment Business
- Certificate program in Corporate Events and Brand orientation etc.

Career-wise there is wide scope for the event managers across every organization. Almost all the large firms and organizations look for event managers for conducting various events on huge scale. Some of the designations offered to the Event Managers are:

1. Junior and senior Event Managers
2. Event Legal Executive
3. Event (Budgeting and finance) Executive
4. Public Relations Officer
5. Event Production Head
6. Event Coordinators.

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