Career prospects in coffee plantation

Asked by: Guest - 05 May 16
We own our coffee plantation at a small area near Ooty. I am willing to help my father in the plantation business. What are the career prospects with coffee plantation. How should I proceed to expand the business?

Our expert said - 05 May 16
Coffee plantation is a good field to opt as a career. Not many people get into this field either due to lack of knowledge or due to lack of proper guidance. The coffee plantation is usually limited to the growing up of coffee plants and rest of the part is either outsourced or marketed as raw units for further refining. If the plantation part is further proceeded by bagging coffee beans, blending them and shipping them; the profit margin could rise to a good extent. These require relatively smaller investment in comparison to the profit expected.

In case the businessman is determined to expand the business further with more investments, they can gradually spread their chain from coffee roaster, then coffee taster / cupper, and then to marketing and sales. The last step in this chain is opening some outlets for the customers and enter into the hospitality sector. Every step in this procedure demand a bigger investment. Hence, the expansion should be well planned and implemented thereafter.

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