Career prospects with civil engineering.

Asked by: Guest - 07 Aug 16
I have joined BE Civil branch and want to pursue career in the same field. Can you help me with some employment areas in this branch of engineering?

Our expert said - 10 Aug 16
Civil engineering is one of the primitive branches of engineering which has an everlasting influence of the lives of common man in their day-to-day requirements. This traditional branch of engineering has always had good career scope and is expected to grow with the increasing urbanization. This field would never fade with new advancement coming up every second in human lives.

Civil engineers find their employment options both in Government and private sector. There are many private builders and construction agencies that keep recruiting civil engineers. Some of the firms that provide vacancies for the civil engineers in the Government sector are:

- Electricity Board
- Town planning and urbanization departments
- Railways
- Armed Forces etc.

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